Its been awhile..

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Since my last post I have added a lot of naughty videos to my adultwork page, I'll post the link here, I have lots of videos and photos on there, also some naughty reviews of me that makes for an entertaining read!

I'm attending the Good Girls GT on November 21, I'm looking forward to it alot! Its always great to meet more like minded people. It will also be my first GT ever. I missed out on the last one at halloween, I was too tired after a long flight to make it. Sooo if you see me, don't hesitate to come say hi I wont bite...hard haha.

A few guys have also written me about possibly being in my videos with me? But I need to see pics to decide, I can't say yes just based on text. So if you want to really get my attention its best to email me a few pics!
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