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I'm not sure if this is THE Nadia Jolie review thread--there seem to be a few threads about her and various other Nadias, and searching for "jolie" is hopeless--but I've been meaning to write a short review for a while, so here it is. I saw Nadia a while back, outcall at my hotel. I had done my research, including PMing with a couple folks out here, and she did not disappoint. Screening was easy and she showed up right on time, looking both elegant and sexy. She's quite a beautiful young woman--poised, bright, and articulate. We had a couple glasses of wine and chatted for a while, first about world cultures (she's well travelled and interested in international affairs) and then about her experiences in the business. One thing that I greatly enjoyed about our time together is that she seemed quite open and genuinely seems to like meeting men. In fact, from what she said, I think that it often turns her on to be with her clients. I say that because I know that I didn't do anything to produce that effect (!), and yet she started purring. I like to chat with my companion, have a drink, receive oral, and pretty much do that (various subjects, sometimes various drinks within reason, and various positions) for our time together. She was wonderful company, a good conversationalist in every sense, and a pleasure to spend time with. I generally don't ask for anything unusual or off the menu, and I play it safe, but she was clearly eager to please me, which she most certainly did. I've thought about her since our visit; she's both interesting and very exciting. Repeat for sure.
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