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If you've met Nadia Jolie before, you know how gorgeous she is: she's as hot as any model you've seen on tv, etc. She's lebanese, but she has a look that reminds me of famous bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai.

I've always wanted to see Nadia ever since I first met her at one of the "GoodGirl" GTs, but unfortunately our schedules never matched. A few weeks ago, the stars finally aligned and we were able to see each other for a rendez-vous. I'm glad to say that the wait was well worth it...

Per my request, she greeted me in a lovely dress showing off her gorgeous long legs, with black lingerie, garters and stockings underneath, and high heels to go along with it. And to top it off, glasses to give her that sexy secretary look. Needless to say, she looked fantastic.

So after arriving at her incall, we talked for a bit. I then excused myself to the shower to freshen up, and came back to the living room. Things started to heat up as we kissed (DFK) and cuddled. I walked her to the kitchen island separating the living room and kitchen as we continued to make out, while slowly putting my hand into her panties and started rubbing her p**sy vigorously, which she showed her appreciation by letting out a few moans. Taking things to the next level, I then had her sit on the kitchen island, slid down her panties, and let my tongue do some dining. Nice...clean...amazing.

We then switched spots as I sat on the kitchen island, and had her go down on me. I took the "VIP" option with her, so it was B**J service. She did a good job sucking, licking, and getting me hard. It was then that I suggested we take things to the bedroom.

We quickly unshed the rest of our clothes, and started going at it mish-style. I pumped her with all my might, while making out as she giggled, (she is quite ticklish while kissing/nibbling her neck). We switched spots, and I had her ride me cowgirl-style, which she did very well. By the way, the visuals were mind-blowing throughout the session...

Finally, we went back to the living room and had her bend over the kitchen island, as I banged my hard c**k from behind doggy-style while slowly sliding my hands up and down those long legs of hers. Finally, I gave in and popped with her gorgeous ass in my view.

After that, we chilled in bed together as she brought a hot cloth to clean me up. Alot of chatting going on with her...very interesting lady that seems to have some ambitious plans for her future. Eventually, I went for a quick shower, kissed her goodnight and left.

So in terms of numbers:

Face: 9.5/10 (model-like looks, one of the hottest SPs out there)
Body: 9/10 (gorgeous body, nice long legs, natural boobs)
Service: 9/10 (really into it, smiling, laughing, very fun session)
Personalty: 9/10 (nice and polite turns to wild and giggly as the night progresses. Great personality, intelligent...not a clock watcher at all)
Other: 9.5/10 (Easy to book via email, txts, etc. Incredible incall with all the amenities necessary, close to metro and plenty of parking nearby. Made great use of the furniture too )

Overall: 9/10
Repeat: Yes
Recommend: Absolutely

If you're looking for a model-like SP experience, you can't go wrong with Nadia Jolie. When she first meets you, she's very warm, friendly and polite. But once the action starts, that's when she lets her "wild" side out. One of the funnest sessions I've ever had with a SP.
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