Maria Divina

Beyond the usual creating effervescent chemistry

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Life is so great when we are giving us a time to savour it properly.

Dear lovelies,

Electing a lady to accompany you in your next enticing sweet or spicy private adventure
might be based on some common grounds to assure the most rewarding experience.

I don’t know better common ground than a mutual respectful approach based
on positive vibes to build a genuine enhancing connection.

If we never met before, here is a very brief introduction;
I am Maria Divina, a kind mature educated & joyful entertaining woman.
My familial & professional backgrounds coupled with my companion experience
left me gifted with a caring approach for others
providing a wide comprehension with a testified dexterity.

Did this picked your curiosity?
We are maybe then meant to meet!
I warmly invite you then to peruse my website
for more passionate details & informations

and contact me by email to

*I do prefer email exchanges because they are the perfect tool to build the kind of encounters I provide

Be assured that will be a privilege to accompany you to make your dreams alive.

Maria Divina xox