I am an escort who specializes in meeting with couples. I am genuinely attracted to women and throughly enjoy sharing in the intimacy of a couple and being a part of bring a fantasy threesome to life.

I have heard from many couples over the years that have encountered complications after bringing a friend, neighbour or coworker. Others have told me how difficult it was to meet a single woman willing to join them at a swing club. Inviting an escort who specializes in couples was the ideal solution for them.

About Me

I am a passionate, sensual and vibrant woman whose all natural appearance does not match the date on her birth certificate. I can thank good genes, sunscreen and an active lifestyle for my youthful appearance. My playful and inqusitive nature has not hurt either. I have an adventurous spirit and seek pleasure on an intellectual and physical level.

I am a university graduate and I am self-employed in another field. In my downtime reading and watching TV shows such as Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Castle and True Blood. To stay fit I practice yoga and run.


I appreciate how a rendezvous with a couple is an intimate and provocative experience for all involved. Experience has taught me that it is essential for the lady's comfort that some time be spent in a social setting so we can become better acquainted and to slowly build up the arousing anticipation of our private time together.

Packages begin at $600 for two hours.

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