Montreal XxXtase & Delight Escorts MERB 2012 GFE agency of the year winner

@ Montrealxxxtase

NEW Bomb Elena 8hpm YMMV

Brand NEW 22 year old Femme Fontaine
5f6 120 lbs. Slim brunette with gorgeous 34DD (e)

NEW DD Princess Kayla 8hpm

NEW 27 y old 34DD very good looking brunette squirter
Great PSE Guys !!NO restrictions. Very Friendly & Eager to please

Brand NEW 21 year old Leyla 8hpm

Brand NEW 21 year college student
5f7 120 lbs brunette debutante.
Be nice Gentlemans!!

Amazing NEW 20 years old Vanessa WOW!!

Former Stripper from a well known Montreal Gentleman Club.
Very Pretty with amazing legs. Good GFE eager to please. So sweet!!!
Take my word... that new sexy brunette will drive you crazy

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