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    Hey folks,

    I am about to visit Amsterdam for the first time in a month. Does anyone have any interesting stories to share? How does prostitution work out there? Are the ladies good looking and is it pricey? Are the lap dances at strip clubs more liberal than Montreal?

    I can't wait to go
    I'll let you guys know how it went.



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    I've never been there. I've met a few natives and they told me that strip clubs there are a lot more fun. The stage shows include masturbation, lesbian sex and even animals. Dances aparently are similar but better and about half of the girls offer FS for extra charge.

    I hope this isn't too vague.

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    Ahh Amsterdam. Love that city - always pass through Amsterdam on my way in and out of Europe.

    My recommendations:

    Hotel - Tulip Inn Damn Square (There are a few Tulip Inns - this is the one in the old centre right off the main square). Three star but one of the better 3 stars in Amsterdam.

    Pub - Euro Pub right on damn square. Great place to sit on the terrase with a good Bavarian beer and watch the scenery.

    Coffe Shop (for those who indulge in a good "smoke") - The Damkring (near the University). A bit off the tourist path so it is more of a local crowd (avoid all the drunken and stoned Brits). Good selection on the menu - do not be shy to ask for advice from the "bartender"

    Live Sex Show - many choices in the Red Light district. Have only gone once (saved the money for the "real thing" - see below). If I remember correctly it was 40 EUROS. Went to the one with the pink pissing elephants in front. It was a good show ..... girl / girl - guy / girl - all FS.

    Women - Just go window shopping. Lots of choice - just wander the "windows" in the red light district till you see one you want to try. Going rate is 50 Euro for FS - starts off with a BJ (remember - no tipping in Europe). But depending what you want - you will be able to find it and bargain for it there.

    Enjoy the trip .... looking forward to the revoews of your adventure when you get back.

    R .....

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    BTW - Have never been in a strip club (like we have in Montreal) in Amsterdam. Too many windows with too many women ..... and so little time and $$$$$

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