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Thread: Canadian senator criticizes border workers

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    Canadian senator criticizes border workers

    Serial killer let into US

    while law-abiding citizens on both sides with little or no criminal past, proper paperwork, and packing nothing but clothes and a laptop, are searched and interrogated on both sides, Abu Ghraib-style.

    ...And this is just "plane" funny.

    Body parts fall from plane; land on suburban home

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    Amazing that they let this riff raff into the U.S., yet banned Laila for 5 years.

    Regarding that guy stowing away in the jet cargo compartment, and later getting crushed by the wheel deployment and his severed leg falling onto the house: the New York airports have had ongoing problems with Africans and other illegal aliens trying to stowaway in the cargo area of the jets and enter the US illegally. Most enter the US dead. If they don't get crushed by the wheels they usually freeze to death or die from decompression because the cargo hold is not pressurized as is the passenger cabin. The NY airports have found a number of dead stowaways, their bodies frozen, their ear drums ruptured. They do not understand that this is not a safe activity, stowing away in the jet cargo hold.

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