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Thread: Omega 3 Fish Oils linked to higher Prostate Cancer Risk

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    Omega 3 Fish Oils linked to higher Prostate Cancer Risk

    Another question mark in using supplements.
    Ask your doc. before any change in your diet and
    Have your prostate checked regularly by SPs

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    As I understand it, there are studies that go both ways on O3 and Prostate cancer.

    for example from the comments.
    "This paper found "Men consuming fish oil in later life had a lower risk of advanced prostate cancer [HR (95%CI): 0.43 (0.19, 0.95)], no association was found for early life or midlife consumption.""

    However I am not a medical researcher, hell I've never even played on on TV.

    Also what sort of consumption is required to go from the low to the high group. 1 gram a day, downing fish oil pills like they were candy?

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    I was sold on omega3 from a female health practitioner I met at a bus stop who sold me many products over the years and I stopped it cause it lowered my clotting factor and I burised more easily.
    she told me you and your buddies will be happy as a good fat source is necessary for testosterone production which means better and harder hardons
    as well it helps lower cholesterol,problem is if your blood palletes are on the low normal side like me you will bruise easier and to stop the omega 3 will raise your blood pallete level by 10% .my company doctor argued with me on this but we did a before test and after as well.
    and sure enough the elovel went up 10%.
    I alos increased my intake of vitaman c with cranberry juice and kiwi and green vegies.

    the prostate thing you need to see a urologist every guy does.i had chronic prostitis and I can tell you the best thing was not 1 yr of meds but raw pumpkin seeds 2 tablespoons daily cured this in a few months,
    a tip from the famous lily the massage therapist who has retired and gone to the land down under.
    there is a number of types of prostitis non bacterial like I had not from infection they really don't know why.

    I get a psa every year and tis negelable almost nil but as well as this its important to get a digital test which no one likes to see of the prostate is 'boggy' is the me you will know if you get a flare up.
    My god carries a hammer. Your god died nailed to a tree. Any questions?!

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    Thank you for posting this info. I've been using Omega 3 off and on for the past 3 years or so. An opthalmologist recommended that i take it in order to help my eyes. I've been suffering from a couple episodes of 'dry eye' over the past 3 years (currently since May) and one of the eye doctors suggested Omega 3 could help me get rid of the symptoms faster.

    So now i have to worry about prostate cancer? It sucks!!!

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    Your ophtalmologist is right, i use myseelf also Omega3 for the same problem and it work .

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    Look at the literature OMEGA 3 is very good to preverse vision when you going older.IT IS PROVEN THAT OMEGA3 IS VERY GOOD ESPECIALY for people with DLMA ( macular degenerescence for aging people)

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    Try flax seeds it is way better than fish oil and got all they omega 3 you need

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