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Thread: Best of 2013 so far

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    Best of 2013 so far

    Man, is 2013 flying right by, half the year is already over, here is my best of so far.

    Best DFK- Valentina(GoodGirls), Emmanuelle(Delight), Kaila(GoodGirls).

    Best BBBJ- Mya(Delight), Samantha(Motel Sainte Hubert), they have the upside down technic perfected to a tee(

    Best Legs - Valentina(GoodGirls).

    Best natural overall body - Valentina(GoodGirls), Maria(PSE duo), when these two beautiful ladies took their clothes off in front of me I blurted out loudly two words "Goodness Gracious!!!"

    Best Service/Date - Mya(Delight), not only best of 2013 but best date ever, no question, numero uno all time for me, I'm sitting on the fence about meeting her again because I know that I will fall madly in love with her(which is not good), an absolutely fascinating, outstanding, dream date that I had with her, honorable mention, Byanka(PSE Duo), fun, fun, fun girl to be with, as soon as she walked in she was all over me like a bad rash, a fantastic, great all around date.

    Best natural breasts - Anna Nikova (My lipps were all over them like a hoover vacuum cleaner, for three songs I was sucking on those big, magnificent, natural tits of hers like there was no tomorrow and the end was near, amazing, big natural tits, simply the best set of tits that I have ever laid my hands on, the natural feel of them is amazing.

    Tightest pussy - Amy Lee(GoodGirls), I found her pussy surprisingly pretty tight considering that she's been fucked by a ton of guys.

    Sexiest SP - Kate(GoodGirls), one look at her and the first two words that comes out are "Damn Sexy".

    Most fun SP to be with - Mya(Delight), Byanka(PSE duo)

    Best Strip Club to hang out at - Bar Le Gentleman.

    Best Bartender- Emilie from Bar Le Gentleman wins this hands down, it's not even close.

    Strip club with the best looking girls - Chez Paree.

    Best looking stripper(I personally like Stephanie, tall Latino dark haired girl from 10-35), she has a very beautiful, pretty face.

    Most overrated SP- None, I have hit the home run with all my dates so far in 2013 and they have all been fantastic, every single one of them.

    Thank you to all of the fantastic ladies that I have met so far, I am very grateful for your service, I just can't imagine if you were not there for me.

    Best of 2013 so far, now I can die and go to heaven, I just hope that Saint Peter lets me in.

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    Where does Anna dance at ?

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