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Thread: Fuck friends review

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    Fuck friends review

    I know that merb is a forum based on sp but I was wondering if u guys would like to share some good
    review/ experience in non sps as for instance ff that u met or one night stand and the game u played to get the girls or what u have learned about the game/one night stand/ exchange of services and how u ended your adventure...
    Tricks that u have learned with different age group 18-25, milf, cougars, girls with BF or married women etc... Experience at work, in bars with waitresses or restaurants, with business consultant, business reps etc...we all want to learn

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    Just saying, but you're opening Padora's box here, I wouldn't know where to start lol, and I'm not the guy with the most encounters on my list

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    With civilians, they do not invite you. They invite you to invite them. There are certain phrases that they use to open the door to possibilities. Some women will ask, who would want me. I am not as pretty as the the younger girls. You will have to respond by saying, I will bet you that you can teach them a thing or two. If you get a laugh, then it proceeds to the next step. If they claim to be innocent you can say something like, would you like me to teach you a thing or two? You can tell how things are going by how the conversation moves along. If there are a lot of laughs in the first conversation, that is usually an indicator of scoring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidney Laflamme View Post

    Really? That's like the last thing I can imagine a woman saying in a bar.
    Actually it does, sometime you can force this conversation by asking her to be in a picture with you. And thats when she can say something along those lines.

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    I am so lucky recently that i met a very beautiful girl. We have almost 30 year diff in age...she is young but street smart and mature...
    Iniatilly on FB but then in bars...we did not have a formal date since she was with her friends and i was with my friends...
    We spoke a few times and then we had sex for the first time this week.
    I did not use any specific gaming technique( no negging or other mental tricks lol) but just being open, friendly and escalating the sexual touching her at strategic moments.
    Anyways i was pretty excited since she looks like a natural supermodel who wear almost no makeup. For those who had the chance to meet Jessy 2005 and Helena the Hungarian : she s like a mix of those 2. She is around 5 8 as Jessy
    GFE acronyms all passed 10/10
    BBBJ of course with DT few times
    DFK full speed
    Body : 10 with 36d natural and reactive nipples
    Daty: fresh from start to the end, clean and progressively wet without being too wet as some...i used basic two fingers technique on gspot and licking and some suction on clito...
    Msog: but i was not able to do more than 2 this time, the room was hot and i forgot to turn AC on.
    Only weird thing for an experienced hobbyist: she initially proposed that we fuck bareback but i refused and pulled out the box of party hats that I had ...anyways the doggy was fantastic and i went full speed without tomorrow and she seemed to enjoy that very much... She told me afterwards that it was the best sex she has experienced( she only knew guys her age).

    Even if our meeting was fantastic I had good connections with some sps at the same level.
    Other stories will follow...she also has many many very nice girlfriends ( some waitresses in highend montreal restos and she will introduce me to them.
    Investment: few drinks
    No string attached no obligation , she did not asked to go out with me or being exclusive ...
    Tell me if u like stories like this since i have dozens of stories with non sp like that i want to help the chumps outhere lol

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    contact info ? lol

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    Capt she ll love me whatever i

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