As some of you may know, I've been around since before Canbest, etc. I visited Montreal 8-10 times each year for almost 20 years. For personal reasons I stopped visiting Montreal almost 3 years ago, and just recently decided to get back into the game.

When I decided to return however, I found that most of the agencies that I used to deal with and the ladies I used to see were gone, retired, merged, etc. If not for the generosity of MERB members indirectly through their posts and directly through PM's my return could have been a disaster.

I want to thank the MERB membership as a whole, and the "active" posters specifically. I was able to narrow the list, and I was lucky enough to not be stood up, not bait & switched, not delayed, deceived, disrespected or demoralized!

The short version is that I spent a wonderful long weekend in the Mecca with visits from Jessy of Celines/Satin Dreamz, Jennifer of IN/CN, Jade of Montreal XXXtase and Rebeka of FKS (who left a little while ago)... and I couldn't leave Montreal any happier than I am right now.

My reviews will be posted once I figure out where to put them and once the feeling returns to the lower half of my body.

Thanks again.