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Thread: How to remove rubber smell?

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    How to remove rubber smell?

    My question might sound kind of strange but, I'm always worried to come back home with the smell of rubber from the condom. Even if I wash very correctly with soap, this latex odor is imho very persistent. And, too much soap odor could be suspicious too.

    Do any of you have trick to hide, I mean to annihilate, that too recognizable odor. Thanks.

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    Lol yeah Condom smell so bad... everytime i am done and i got to the store get some beer or whatever, i always wash my hands a lot and yet i have the feeling its still smelling... not sure if its the rubber itself or more or less the lube that comes with it... in any case its stinky.
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    Drive over a skunk and rub it on your crotch.

    Nobody would ever accuse you of having sex with a skunk. Ah it is Pepe LePew. I'm sure is killed that spelling.

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    Seems to remove just about any smell you want. Use it on any part of your body. Just a dab should suffice but you be the judge.

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    Be careful of the brand of toothpaste you use some are over minty and can burn. Best I have found so far is hair shampoo but thats just me I assume different brands of condom have differing "after smells"

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    Have the girl open and put the condom ????

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    durex condoms They actually say on the back of the box low latex odor
    you can also try flavoured condoms which smell the flavor of the condom rather than latex,get cherry for instance and say you dropped a can of cherry pop in your lap always have excuses prepared.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2tuff2quit View Post
    Have the girl open and put the condom ????

    Im pretty sure he is afraid that his wife will smell it when he gets home so that isnt a great solution....

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    Go swimming, then shower lightly. The chlorine smell will overpower the latex.

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    A non latex, such as a Trojan Supra, does not have the distinct smell. As long as it is one of the "approved materials" (some kind of uerethene - I am sure I misspelled that) it is proven to be just as safe as latex.

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    I never really noticed the latex smell afterwords.

    But there is nothing worse than dining at the Y and having it taste like latex.
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    Thanks all for sharing your tricks.

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    Next time you go to a fast food place grab a handful of those little vinegar packets. Keep them handy in the car and when you need one rip it open and soak a paper napkin and rub down your dick and balls. The vinegar smell disappears in 5 minutes. Try cleaning your face with it too and you'll see the smell is gone in 5 minutes with no trace.

    Don't bother keeping a packet of baby wipes in the car. Soon enough with the summer heat they will dry up and in the winter they will freeze. The fall and spring is the best time.

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    Look behind you.
    Off topic a little but if you are in a motel room and decide to smoke some pot microwave some popcorn and the smell will be gone in minutes. So I heard
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    I can relate to being worried about the leftover rubber scent.

    I have been playing hockey for a long time and although I try to keep my gear in good condition, clean and dry... After a while you always seem to be getting a strong odour after each game.
    (OK OK i am getting to the point)

    A friend of mine once offered an advice. Use shaving cream. After a hockey game I could use a little dab and wash thoroughly my hands and it would make the smell go away.

    I tried it for the rubber smell as well and it seems to be working as well.

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