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Thread: American police officers may be able to stop Canadian vehicles inside Canada

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    American police officers may be able to stop Canadian vehicles inside Canada

    US now wants their officers exempt from Canadian laws when inspecting cargo trucks in Canada. Great fucking day. I can't even understand why they are even allowed on Canadian soil.

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    There is a protocol of cooperation between law enforcement agencies for a long time. The FBI frequently has to go into Canada to investigate cases. When an FBI agent goes to Canada they call the local LE agency and the FBI agent is then escorted by a local police officer to the home of the person they want to question, assuming that person will talk. It is the same thing if a Canadian criminal comes into the USA and is wanted for questioning by RCMP. They will coordinate with the LE having jurisdiction. I don't think it is a big a deal as this article is making it out to be. You will always have the same question exist whether it is truck cargo being investigated or an escaped criminal or an investigation that leads to witnesses in one country or the other. The writer of the article seems to think the issue is brand new. It isn't. There is some political agenda behind the article and you should see it for what it is. Which is not journalism.

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    When Reagon came to Canada for a visit, the RCMP asked the Secret Service not to carry guns. Guess who won the argument.

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