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Thread: ★Who's on today?★ from ★Satin Dreamz★ New Lady: Kathy

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    ★Who's on today?★ from ★Satin Dreamz★ New Lady: Kathy

    Satin Dreamz
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    Who's on today?
    (next week's schedules available on our website)

    New addition to our team: Kathy, ex-Girl on Fire.

    Age:24 ¦ Hair:Black ¦ Eyes:Green ¦ Height:5'7'' ¦ Weight:115lbs ¦ Breasts:34C(n)

    Like a rich southern coffee, Gabrielle will charm you.
    Her satined spice colored skin bewitches and delights.
    Her intriguing stare penetrates to the soul and takes you to the limits of ecstasy.
    Her gentleness holds you captive and leads to total abandon. Her GFE service keeps satisfying and is in great demand.
    Travel far away for a moment as you experience Gabrielle's unforgettable exotism.

    Age:28 ¦ Hair:Blonde ¦ Eyes:Blue ¦ Height:5'8'' ¦ Weight:120lbs ¦ Breasts:34C(n)

    The team's party girl is always ready for fun.
    Be it PSE or fetish service, she will get to you with her contagious energy.
    Things never get boring with Chanelle. This wild demoiselle will make you feel alive, young and vigourous.
    Everytime is unique and like a race for pleasure.

    Age:30 ¦ Hair:Redhead ¦ Eyes:Green ¦ Height:5'8'' ¦ Weight:120lbs ¦ Breasts:34B(n)

    This precious night owl easy to tame, is only active in the evening.
    This experienced demoiselle will win you over every time.
    Monica is a gorgeous red head with alabaster skin. Let her lull you with her soft voice and manners.
    She offers the authentic GFE experience and will let you feel how much she cares for your desire.
    She will fulfill them intensely.

    Age:28 ¦ Hair:Blond ¦ Eyes:Blue ¦ Height:5'7'' ¦ Weight:130lbs ¦ Breasts:32DD(u)

    Desc. coming soon.

    Age:19 ¦ Hair:Blond ¦ Eyes:Blue ¦ Height:5'7'' ¦ Weight:150lbs ¦ Breasts:36D(n)

    Desc. coming soon.

    Age:33 ¦ Hair:Black ¦ Eyes:Green ¦ Height:5'5'' ¦ Weight:138lbs ¦ Breasts:34C(n)

    Desc. coming soon.

    Age:22 ¦ Hair:Brown ¦ Eyes:Green ¦ Height:5'1'' ¦ Weight:100lbs ¦ Breasts:32B(n)

    Desc. coming soon.

    Satin Dreamz
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