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Thread: whos the best?

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    whos the best?

    Hi Guys!

    Long time fan (of mtl chicks ) but first time hobbyist (in MTL). Im on terb as "andydude"! anyhow, i am coming to mtl next week and wanted some suggestions on some of the "better" agencies (for white girls from le belle provence of course) or even the higher class independent girls? would love your feedback as i just dont know where to start!

    thanks for yoru help

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    Mtl, Qc
    Montreal Sex City, great agency, takes pre-bookings, mostly a daytime agency
    MtlGFE, great agency, take pre-bookings
    GoodGirls, good agency, NO pre-bookings, probably best line-up in Montreal (subjective)

    You didn't mention how long your stay is, but you can start with those.

    Have fun!

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    only 2 nights! but a memorable 2 nights indeed.

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    Go with Goodgirls, service is impeccable and the girls are hot, very good line-up as mentioned by Deboner...Not so sure about MGF, though. There are also some gems in other agencies, like Asservissante and Devilish, even XXXtase.

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    Great guys thanks for the input. mike, do u guys do outcall? thx

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