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Thread: Small town Quebec festivals.... Great times

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    Small town Quebec festivals.... Great times

    Not sure if many of you go to the small town summer festivals or events. I have been to a few this summer, sprint car racing, town carnivals etc.
    Last night in Acton Vale an AC/DC cover band ( 21 gun salute ) and Dennis DeYounge ( Styx ) was the entertainment, these people know how to enjoy themselves.
    Not sure if it is just the fact that they do not get to go out often or their happy nature but all is good with them. As for Dennis DeYounge, I have seen most of the big name bands in arenas or outdoor concerts but he put on a show that would be in my all time top 10, never expected it. Next week the festival de la Poutine in Drummondville entertainment is Robert Charlebois ( a favorite of people here ). Brought up in the big city but after working 30 years around small towns found out that it is a pretty good life in small towns, but still need a big city close.

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    Never go on the carnival rides, they are slapped together and dis assembled every town they hit.

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