I`ve been slowly catching up on my Merb reading over the past couple of weeks since I`m hoping to make a summer visit to the Mecca.

One thing that struck me in the several of the Lounge threads was the conflict between hobbying and trying to meet women outside the hobby.

It seems to me that many Merbites are not very comfortable in meeting non-pro women. It could be that they`ve never been good at this, had bad experiences in the past, or that they`ve become accustomed to using SPs.

Maybe we can get some contributions here from Merbites on their best methods for meeting women, whether it`s just for a short term thing or for something more meaningful. And perhaps some SPs can weigh in on what has attracted them to guys (outside the hobby) who they`ve developed relationships with. This could be useful to those who want to move on from the hobby but don`t know how.

I`ve been in some serious relationships that were great while they lasted and have met my share of women for the short term, but I can`t say that have any special insights or methods that might work consistently in ways that dudemtl alludes to here: https://merb.cc/vbulletin/showthread...hlight=dudemtl

So let`s see if we can get some useful suggestions from the Merb community...