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Thread: 2013/2014 European Soccer (CL, EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1,...)

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    2013/2014 European Soccer (CL, EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1,...)

    Decided to start this thread since next year is a World Cup year and to see if any fellow merbites follow one or more of the european leagues.
    Who do you think are the favourites to win the next world cup ( I am a Brazil fan) and do you think Bayern will be able to retain their CL crown ( I do not believe they will be able to) ?

    Also, if anyone follows the transfer market, who do u believe has made the best business so far ? (Tottenham in my opinion are starting to look like top 3 team)

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    One of the surprise of this season can be Atletico Madrid. In Liga they can take one of the 2 first places, and IMO they can reach the semi-finales in CL. Paris SG can be the 2nd surprise of this CL. English teams are not competitive anymore... I see Bayern Munich win it again...

    South American teams won all the World Cup that took place in South America... I see Belgium as a potential good surprise in this WC (1/4 finale). And I see Brazil win his sixth crown...
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    Check this out, what happened here?????????????

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    I'm waiting for the game later this week, Wednesday, between Barça and A.C. Milan.
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    I actually watched some of this game. It is hard to get into watching soccer but i am trying to give it a chance. It is amazing to see how into it those fans are everywhere but in the usa/canada....never been to a Impact game so maybe it would be more fun in person???
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    Disappointing draw for Man U against Southampton; they absolutely need to rebound this weekend against Stokes. But the game to watch is Sunday's battle between Chelsea and Man City, at Stamford Bridge: should be a good one.

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    I hope for the Brazilian team that they perform as everyone hopes they will at the World Cup. Spain though will still be a formidable foe.
    Yes ! Big hopes on the Selecao which will have a HUGE pression at home ! For me, Spain is in the decline, Germany will probably be the toughest foe...
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