Sheiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit... Lemme just put on my protective gear...

That is MUCH better...

It is the end of the world! Well, okay, maybe it is just my first time in Montreal, but I'm taking it with a BANG. Maybe you'd like to hop in on that?

Services I shall be offering during this death defying tour of DOOM include:
LFK/DFK, DATY, CBJ/BBBJ, BLS, Russian, MSOG, MPOS, DATO (on me only), COB, Prostate Massage, GS (on you),
Pegging, Fetish, Light/Heavy Domme, Spanking, Role Play, Friendly Cheerfulness, Cuddles, Witty Humour, Mutual Soapy Showers, Silly Hat Wearing
(please note that outfit requests are fairly limited as I don't bring a whole lot with me when I tour)

Just soaking up some of that glorious radiation...

In town and available by appointment only. (Sorry, I am enjoying the sights and some prebooked events, so I am not typically available last minute.)

This might have been why the explosion occurred... Oops. Sorry about it... well, not really. HAH.

So if you feel like enjoying the destruction of the world... I MEAN MY LIVER. Give me a shout!

380/90 mins
450/2 hours
600/180 mins
1000/overnight (must have seen you before)