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Thread: Male or female

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    Male or female

    Hi to everyone. I have thought about this quite a bit and wanted to hear any experiences or thoughts people might have on this subject.

    How many of you guys have got confused with street girls. Are they girls or guys? People ask themselves. Some you can tell right away that they are men but the ones that have had the operation is a little harder because of the hormone therapy.

    I have one customer who has become traumatised because of a guy. He picked her up at the corner of panet and ontario beautiful girl or guy I have seen this person myself and it really is hard to tell. Anyhow he payed

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    sorry I got booted off

    I wasn't finished when my pc shut down.
    As I was saying he payed the girl and they went to the room, he wanted a bj but also asked if he could do oral on her, she said yes.
    So she satrted on him and then he said my turn. When he got down there he thought he would die she had a dick.

    Also some of the girls ask for the money first so they can get a hit or buy something say they will be back and never do.

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    Hello stripperlover

    Well there is one she is sure to fool everyone.
    She has breasts implants but her body and facial features are so feminin. I couldn't believe it. I will try to get her name to let everyone know and I will get her full description and the corner she works on and then you will see foryourself and let me know.

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