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Thread: Thick and chubby girls?

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    Thick and chubby girls?

    Im looking for some thick and curvy girls, but not BBW. Big butt, thighs, smaller waist, etc. Does anyone have any recommendations?

    Some examples...


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    Look behind you.
    None of your links work.
    K.I.M. is advertising again. Not sure if big enough for you but far from a spinner.

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    Miss Secret @ Good Girls. if she still works, seems like what you're looking for.

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    There`s Tingting I know very well. Curvy Chinese, very well proportioned, lightly chubby.

    You can also check the Ouraffair website (just google OurAffair), they have a couple of chubby ones. I did not meet them, but I had good experience with that place before (they are a consortium of indies).
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