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Thread: asian providers/agencies-advice sought

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    asian providers/agencies-advice sought

    I am coming to Montreal for my first visit ever to the city. I have a particular fondness for Asian SP's, but experience has taught me to be very wary-- stock photos often used on websites and ads, providers misrepresented with respect to age and language skills, etc. It's often not the "20 year old perky college student Asian doll" pictured on the website that shows up at the door, but rather a 30+ year woman old with bad teeth and poor English skills who is overworked, tired, and rushed... Any advice for a first time visitor to Montreal seeking outcall services from an Asian SP--independent or agency?

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    MSC has Rylee $160 outcall. Not much info on her. Most of the asian sp's do incall. Do some searching on the Agencies area and some will do outcall. Might pay a little more but if you resesrch the sp a little on here you could come up with a gem.
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    Yea I agree although I haven't met her , Montreal sex city has a good track record. And rylee has good reveiws. But I'm also I big fan of Asian women but can never seen to find a knock out sp so I tend to call mostly French girls because my French sucks and I'm too shy to talk to French girls at clubs I actually avoid English sps

    But yea rylee is on my tdl

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    It's very hard to find good young asians girls that are not fresh off the boat.

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    Still no reviews for Rylee? She is back, too bad no info on her.

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