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Thread: A French Comedian In New York City

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    A French Comedian In New York City

    I wanted to post this comedy video by Sami Ameziane, also known in the comedy world as Comte de Bouderbala, which is in English with French subtitles. It's pretty funny and there is a lot of sexual humor as well as US/French humor:

    By way of background, Sami Ameziane is from France and was a former college basketball player at the University of Connecticut, where he walked on to the team after convincing then head coach Jim Calhoun to give him a tryout. Though an end of the bench backup player, due to injuries he ended up playing important minutes in big games for UConn. Although not super talented at basketball, he was a classic pride and guts type of player who worked his ass off and is probably one of the biggest fan favorites in UConn basketball history. He would get standing ovations whenever he came to the bench unlike any walk on player I have ever seen. I had season tickets during the seasons when Sami played at UConn, and I saw all his home games. He's one of my favorite players and I remember his on court tenacity which contrasts well with his off court persona.

    Turns out he is also a funny guy in both French and English and now is working as a professional comedian. Here is his wiki:
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