Satin Dreamz
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Our newest additions: Marissa, new in the business
And Lexie

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Age:25 ¦ Hair:Blonde ¦ Eyes:Green ¦ Height:5'4'' ¦ Weight:110lbs ¦ Breasts:34D(en)

Delicious Maxime ravishes with her gentleness.
She cherishes her partner and sees to his satisfaction like no other.
Attentive and sensitive, she adapts to fulfill your needs.
Her voluptuous chest matches her great sexual generosity.
Forget everything in her arms and let her soft looks get the best of you.
Try the Maxime experience, you will ask for it again !

Age:22 ¦ Hair:Blonde ¦ Eyes:Blue ¦ Height:5'6'' ¦ Weight:124lbs ¦ Breasts:34C(n)

Coming Soon.

Age:30 ¦ Hair:Redhead ¦ Eyes:Green ¦ Height:5'8'' ¦ Weight:120lbs ¦ Breasts:34B(n)

This precious night owl easy to tame, is only active in the evening.
This experienced demoiselle will win you over every time.
Monica is a gorgeous red head with alabaster skin. Let her lull you with her soft voice and manners.
She offers the authentic GFE experience and will let you feel how much she cares for your desire.
She will fulfill them intensely.

Age:24 ¦ Hair:Blonde ¦ Eyes:Brown ¦ Height:5'5'' ¦ Weight:100lbs ¦ Breasts:34B(n)

Desc. coming soon.

Age:21 ¦ Hair:Blond ¦ Eyes:Blue ¦ Height:5'3'' ¦ Weight:110lbs ¦ Breasts:32C(n)

Desc. coming soon.

Satin Dreamz
Aussi disponible en français
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