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Thread: Question for the Mods: Blogs and Articles?

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    Question for the Mods: Blogs and Articles?

    A question for the Mods:

    I see that with the most recent update of the software running the board, we now have the options to have our own blogs and to post/create articles. Maybe it was there before; if so, I didn't know it was.

    To which extent do the board's rules apply to these new tools? Are there or will there be rules or guidelines specific to them? For instance: what's acceptable material, what isn't? Will the advertisers be allowed to use them to post additional promotional material? etc.

    I am sure others on the board can think of other questions to ask.

    Thanks for any feedback!

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    I noticed that myself today and this seems to have been implemented today along with fixing a few other things such as the Who's Online page which has not functioned for a number of months now. We mods were given no advanced notice and do not know anything more about these new tools than any other member at this point.

    One thing that is very easy for me to answer, however, is that regular board rules will apply to anything posted on MERB, no matter if it is on the board or in a member's blog or article.

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