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Thread: Hearing difficulties.....

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    Hearing difficulties.....

    Out of a reseach like mind kind of curiosity i have been reading the posts in this thread.
    It seens like what happened to Franz is a typical case of male hearing difficulty. I heard a documentary the other day at the Current on cbc radio and a schollar( in a discussion about separating male and female in the classroom ) explained that males hear different from females in fact males have problens hearing or does not hear as well, the conclusion was that separating males and females in classroom is a good thing because teachers have to approach male and female childrem with a different language. Ex: if one ask a male child how would you fell ? He would not know what to respond because males are not socialized to value or verbalise their emotions. The schoolar said that a better question would be. What would you do ? Because male persons are action oriented, not emotionally guided like most women are socialised to be.
    I thought that was interesting because i often experience the same problens with clients wanna be, given sometimes that is some kind of misunderstanding, in regards to the appointment set up.
    Dear Lana
    I`ve learned that is often a good idea to ask the client to repeat what i said just to make sure he understood what i meant. There is also my accent and my poor english and french that can get in the way as well. So i got to be extra careful. Lana I wrote you a pm message at the other site.
    Dear Hobbistes,
    Have a great day, and remember beauty, charm amd sensuality is a very subjective thing. What i find sexy may be a turn off to you. But it will be a turn on to my senses. I know one thing for sure a strong personality is gonne attract the submissive willing to please clients and turn off the controlling dominating types.
    Have a great july nice and easy summer season.

    *** After giving more thoughts to it, I consider those comments moved here didn`t belong to the thread where they were originally posted. I therefore reopened Lana`s thread for posting. M2 ***
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    Dont worrry about the world coming to
    an end, it is already tomorrow in Australia.

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    Answer to Juliana

    I won't take too much time to answer you. You call a no show a hearing difficulties... I've seen the documentary. I think you must smoke some good stuff. Whatever gender, if you have an appointment at a precise time, a respectfull person will show up.

    By the way, since then, Lana called me to apologize. She told me that she layed down and had fell asleep.

    Can you classified that in the hearing difficulties department ?

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    Not exactly hearing difficulty but hearing difference...

    Franz i was trying to put an insightfull observation on the hearing distinctions between the sexes.
    If lana has appologized to you then you should had deleted your post instead of giving her the reputation of been a no show kind of girl.

    Oliver Kloseoff, I truly believe that males and females hear differently, or how would you explain clients very often showing up, much earlier or much later ?

    Take care now.

    Dont worrry about the world coming to
    an end, it is already tomorrow in Australia.

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    Les nerfs

    Les nerfs Juliana ! I come to this site once in a while. I do not check everything that is written every single day. I am not trying to give anyone a bad reputation since I wasn't even on this site for several days. So mind your own business and get off my back this morning.

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    Dear Hobbistes.......

    Dear Oliver Kloseoff, You are absolutely right, lots of clients show up on time and are respectful, gentle and in my books just the usual sweet canadian darling type. I made a generalization in my previous post, and i appologize for that.

    Franz You seen tense in need of some affection and a very relaxing massage. Please try to go home earlier and take some time to yourself. I only wish that you get some love and care today and everyday. I am so sorry if my comments hurt you in any away.

    I was only commenting on the documentay which made some sense to a few experiences i had talking with male persons. Nothing to do with you !!!!!!!

    Take it easy and try hanging out with caring people for the rest of your day.
    Dont worrry about the world coming to
    an end, it is already tomorrow in Australia.

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    Exclamation That`s what I call marketing

    As the old show biz adage goes, there`s no publicity that`s bad publicity - as long your name is spelled right and remains before the consumer`s eye. And that includes the kind of self-made publicity that both Lana and Juliana seem to have mastered.

    Lana, with the unconscious and unwitting participation of her Merbite shills, has perpetuated and stretched a minor grievance way beyond the seriousness and concern that it really merited.

    But Juliana is the real master manipulator - that`s right, the manipulator of men!

    First she get the whole Merb community to participate in her crocodile-tearful confession of fraudulent shilling, demanding communal absolution. Then she gets her male marks into a lengthy seminar to help the poor helpless damsel in distress choose the cellphone she should get.Finally, she enters into Lana`s tempest- in-teapot skirmish with a half-baked, pseudo-psychological, feminist put-down of males. Aside from all the others who were duped into this on-going publicity stunt, she even succeeded in getting Kloseoff, a sophisticated and experienced observer and poster, into the fray. Juliana has taken Lana`s ball and made it bounce for her! Clever, yes?

    Guys, wise-up! Stop letting yourselves get duped into being their shills. Let`s get back to views and reviews of sex workers doing their job!


    P.S. to Juliana: I give you credit for your valiant attempts at communicating in a language which is not your own. But, please have some respect for Sallie Tisdale`s quotation and spell the word "enlightenment" correctly.

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    On communique ou on influence ??

    Les membres de MERB sont avant tout une forme de journaliste qui rapportent des faits, les commente et parfois portent certains jugements. C’est plate pour ces dames car vous êtres un peu jugées sur la place public mais, que voulez-vous, votre métier est non traditionnel, même s’il est très vieux et ce site n’a qu’une fonction soit : « commenter ».

    Il est parfois très difficile de garder son anonymat et j’en sais quelque chose. On doit donc être intègre et ne pas sentir que l’on se lance dans des échanges à n’en plus finir, à savoir qui a raison et MÊME DE SE FAIRE JUGER SOIS-MÊME.

    Ici ce n’est pas du tout un problème de sexe qui comprend et sexe qui ne comprend pas. Peut importe que l’on soit homme ou femme on parle de qualité de service, c’est tout. Il existe effectivement des profils d’écoutes en communication mais ça n’a rien à voir avec le genre masculin ou féminin.

    Je constate que ce sont souvent les mêmes qui tentent toujours de se justifier. Il y en a beaucoup que l’on entent jamais parler. Le message est bien simple soit arrangez-vous pour que le client soit très satisfait et n’ait rien de négatif à redire.

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    I cannot consent additionally with you!
    My polished comrade.

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    Your observations are right on the money.


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    Ive lost complete interest in seeing Lana now, she sounds like she doesnt know what's going on. Plus she seems rather defensive about everything, maybe she has something to hide.

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    Mod 2
    OK guys, this thread is getting nowhere. Anyone still remember the following Board Rules?


    1) Permitted Activities:

    i) Post RESPECTFUL reviews of people or agencies offering escort services.
    ii) Discuss on any subject that may be of interest to the community.
    iii) Advertise for your services (in the PAID advertisement section ONLY)

    2) Forbidden Activities:

    iii) Personal attacks on others, flames, fights, name-calling, etc...
    iv) Lack of respect to either client, escort or other board members.

    I am closing this discussion thread now.

    Juliana and Lana (whoever and whenever the hat fits), please keep any marketing flavored posts in the paid advertisements sections ONLY. I will not allow you to start another marketing oriented thread anywhere else than there.

    To everyone else, please get back to the original purpose of this board: REVIEWS. If you want to review Lana or Juliana, please do so in an appropriate thread or start a new one if necessary. Again, let`s keep REVIEWING.

    Thank you

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