Michael Skakel murder conviction thrown out: new trial ordered

Shocking news! I've been following this case over the past 20 years and even though i've never been a big fan of the Skakels, i was never sold Michael Skakel's conviction due to very sketchy evidence & unreliable witnesses. For those who want to read up on what occurred, there have been great books written over the years on the murder.

Two that come to mind are books written by the late Dominic Dunne & former cop Mark Fuhrman, who's book "Murder in Greenwich"eventually lead to the re-opening of the case & resulted in Michael Skakel's conviction. A tv movie was also based on the murder case. It was based on Dunne's novel called "A Season in Purgatory". Dunne later dedicated a chapter to the murder case in one of his last books titled "Justice", in which he discusses the many murder cases he'd covered over the years. Another tv movie titled "Murder in Greenwich", based on the Fuhrman book, was shown on tv & starred Christopher Merloni. Other books written on the subject are "Greentown: Murder & Mystery in Greenwich" and "Conviction: Solving the Moxley Murder".

Will the real killer ever be convicted without a benefit of doubt? Personally, i doubt it.