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Thread: What sexy (costume/disguise) du you prefer...

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    Question What sexy (costume/disguise) du you prefer...

    I past on radio earlier today on CKOI for this question : Which disguise your boyfriend prefer... and then i told them about the huge request of those ones : Sexy Police officer, Nurse, Roomate, Bunny, Devil and also school girl... what you think? and also What kind of disguise do you prefer..

    Happy Halloween

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    A vampire... i think there is nothing sexy than a girl dress as a classy vampire... I would say preference for dark hair, but a blond can also play the part well... Of coure she has to not be too tanned... lol
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    thanks guys and girls for sharing what you like with us its kiniky, quite sexy and also playful hehehe

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    I know one very fetching woman who is quite fond of this one:

    There's a lot you can do with a schnoz like that.
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