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Thread: Is Justin Bieber a hobbyist?

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    Is Justin Bieber a hobbyist?

    From US Magazine:

    Justin Bieber, is that you? During his downtime from gearing up to perform in Brazil, the "Heartbreaker" singer has allegedly been spending his off hours at a brothel. According to the New York Post`s Page Six (and several photos), the 19-year-old singer was reportedly trying to sneak out of a brothel on Friday, Nov. 1.

    There is more here:

    and here:

    For those of wonder, the brothel he "allegedly" went to, is mentioned in the Rio de Janeiro thread:

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    I've been to Centaurus in Rio. It's considered the upper echelon of Termas in the city. Far more expensive than most. I visited back in 2010 I believe on my 2nd trip to Rio. I found it very enjoyable

    Here's the Page Six article with some incriminating photos. From this I would deduce that Biebs is definitely a hobbyist. Lol.
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    When Reverdy posted this, i immediately thought of you SK, knowing how you love Rio and all. Well at least it proves the Bieb is not gay, just looks the part!

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    That, Mitsou, is a question that has been long debated and discussed on this board (and on many other SP review boards):

    Here`s one thread that goes into it at length:

    Not that it necessarily mirrors how others perceive how they approach meeting sex workers, but my attitude going into this is analogous to ManApart`s:

    Quote Originally Posted by ManApart View Post
    ... For me this is definately a legit hobby. I have no problem saying outloud I pay money for sex with prostitutes. I have no hidden shame or embarrassment about that. ....

    Some guys like to take it a step further and see SPs as an actual hobby, as per the definition in gugu`s post. It spreads a lot wider than the actual sex. I not only enjoy seeing the girls, but like to research them, I like trying to pick out the good ones, look far and wide for gems, rank a TDL in my mind, try out different styles and discover new tastes (older, young, heavier, smaller, different looks and ethnicities, more sensual, more PSE etc.). The actual sessions are just a single aspect of the hobby as I see it. ... Then comes the experience itself, the tasting, the savouring, the feeling, the enjoying, the development of preferences and tastes. Like a wine connoisseur. ... It`s a legit pastime, that brings fun and enjoyment.

    You only live once folks. Sex and women (or men) is one of the great enjoyments in life. IMO, it`s a waste to only experience one or two women in a lifetime. As we know, the vast majority of those that get married young and stick with one partner, have fun for a few years and then the joy and excitement of sex dies down forever. The hobby of following and frequenting prostitutes keeps this great pleasure alive and well forever. It also does so with minimal hassle, minimal problems, minimal hurt feelings and really minimal cost if you think about how expensive and time consuming it would be, in real life, to try to be a playboy and bed women Casanova style.
    Now, it would be interesting to see if James still see things the same way today.

    There`s a whole series of thread in the Lounge about the "hobby", discussing it from different perspective:

    Now, in a broader sense, "hobbyist" may simply mean a john.

    I hope this answers your question!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitsou xxx View Post
    I hate the term John. I find it disrespectful towards the guys who see me. I don't even like thinking of them as "clients"?
    Yes, I understand what you mean: "john" still has for many a pejorative connotation. Most of the SPs I've met refers to the men they've seen as "clients", although in Toronto "hobbbyists" also comes up.

    I think poor Bieber's foray into the hobby would have been a lot more discrete had it happened in Canada.

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    Justin Bieber in a brothel... what make you think he was there as a client and not as a garota?
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    Do you condemn someone for doing something that you would do yourself? I say we send him a decoder ring and welcome him to the club.

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    Rich guys like Charlie Sheen and Colin Farrell and Justin Bieber understand that it is financially in their best interests to pay for sex because relationships and babies have the potential to cost them hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of dollars. High end prostitutes are a much cheaper form of entertainment, especially in foreign countries.

    There is an extensive underground circuit in the USA in which celebrities pay for sex with Playboy Centerfolds, Penthouse centerfolds, and aspiring actress-model types. I actually happen to know one of the bookers, who works out of Florida. There are 4 key hubs for this business in the USA: New York City and Miami on the east coast, and Los Angeles and Las Vegas on the west coast. It is a referral based business. You meet the bookers only based on the referral of someone they have worked with- if they don't know you, they will not do business with you. The booker I know does not name names of clients and understands discretion but she is tapped into a wide market of models most of whom are Playboy, Penthouse type models who have worked in those publications. Pretty sure she has done business with all these guys.

    Some of the ladies only book overnights ($5,000.00 and up) and some are in the $1,500.00 to $2,000.00 per hour neighborhood.

    These bookers do not run agencies. The way it works is that they book ladies on a rolling basis, every month there is someone new on the scene. These ladies are not really pros they are sort of semi-pros who book occasional appointments when their modelling jobs lag or in some cases, they just get tired of it and want to transition into something else.

    I don't have the cash to engage in this scene to the extent of Sheen, Farrell or Bieber who are dropping 6 figures per year on ladies like this, but I have dabbled on special occasions a few times per year. What you pay for is looks and cachet, service is YMMV, some girls are wild, some are not. If service is more important than looks, your money is better spent elsewhere.
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    Guys how can you believe that a man (well, here I suppose that Bieber is a "man") can go to Brazil - especially Rio de Janeiro - without hobbying??????

    Have fun Justin!
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    Poor Justin,

    I just remember that the first time he went to Brazil - I think it was 4 years ago - he was "interviewed" by Sabrina Sato and she was making fun of him. In fact it was a kind a prank because it was part of a satirical TV show called Pânico na TV (which is still on the air but on another chanel right now).
    I would like to do Sabrina Sato!
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    Man is the measure of all things

    Sexo sin pecado es como huevo sin sal (Le sexe sans péché est comme un œuf sans sel/Sex without sin is like an egg without salt) [Carlos Fuentes]

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    I never really liked justin but if he's a fellow hobbyist the more the merrier cheers

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    I give a shit less for Bieber. If he is a hobbiest, I hope he treats the ladies with more respect than the self-centered little prick exhibits in public.
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    I was told by SPs on a couple ocasion they do see famous people when they come to montreal, so not surprise me. I supose for these guys its all the same, i mean whats 200, 300 hell even 1000$ for a famous actor or singer... nothing at all, so he sees a girl he like, he book her and thats it... he could go in a bar and pick one easily for sure, without effort, but then yeah trouble could ensue, SPs got the discretion, unlike a fan who could think she is with him now...
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    I don't give a shit what the little turd does with his life or his money, but what bothers me is that he's an idol for millions of kids in the world and he should be a little more careful about how he presents himself. The little punk is a hypocrite of the largest proportions. Spouting off about his religious beliefs on one hand, including getting Jesus tattooed on his body, and doing drugs, spitting on people, pissing in buckets in restaurants and having his bodyguards beat people up on the other, does not make for a decent role model for kids IMHO.

    Maybe with a bit of luck, some other new talentless little snot will come around soon and Bieber will fade into history. Or he'll die in a car or plane accident or overdose or something.
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