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Thread: New Year's Eve Montreal

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    New Year's Eve Montreal

    Okay, I've actually never been in Montreal for New Year's Eve.

    So, is Montreal a happening place for NYE?

    btw, are agencies generally open on NYE or NY day?

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    The agency question is important. In Toronto, most (all) shut down early NYE. Day off on NY day. Is Montreal any different?

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    What is unique to do in Montreal on NYE?

    I am interesting in events where one can "get lost in the crowd". NYC or Vegas on NYE are happening places for this. I can't really say the same for NYE party in Toronto's City Hall.

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    Most of the agencies are closed or, if they are open, it's a with a reduced staff. Same with Christmas Eve and Christmas. In my experience, the best time to hobby in Montreal during the Holidays is between Christmas and New Year's Eve (Dec. 27 to Dec. 30).

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    There are plenty of clubs and bars to go to for New Years in Montreal. As far as the agencies being open, only a few will be open and the talent will be minimal. If your planning on seeing SP's, you may as well forget about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SloCumHeat View Post
    What is unique to do in Montreal on NYE?

    NYC or Vegas on NYE are happening places for this. I can't really say the same for NYE party in Toronto's City Hall.
    I don't know, Rob Ford has authorized free Ecstacy to go along with the hot chocolate. It might be an wild night in boring old TO.

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    I was in Montreal for New Years Eve this past year and even though some agencies were open, the pickings were slim. I also noticed several hotels had beefed up their security. For example, at the hotel i stayed at, i checked in on the 30th and was asked by the front desk to give them a list of names of people who might be visiting me on the 31st. They told me that they didn't want any partying and that security would be beefed up.

    I only had a few buddies come over, since like i said, many of the agencies were closed and those that were open only had one or two girls working. Plus, that whole beefed up security thing. What they did at my hotel was cordon off the section leading to the elevators and when you'd approach that section, they had two security people asking you your name and your room number, etc. Similar to what they have going on at the Sheraton on weekends (evening and night).

    So the bottom line is that if you're planning to see escorts during New Years Eve or New Year's, it's possible, but you might need a bit of luck and hope she can get through security if your hotel has beefed it up during your stay. Things appeared to be back to normal and it was business as usual on the 2nd.

    Would i go back to Montreal on New Year's Eve? Probably not.

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