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Thread: Call and no answer

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    Call and no answer

    When you try to reach an sp/mp and you leave message and some texts and she not return call or she not answer what should we do??
    Devil Ghost MC Support 81

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    Do nothing... Find another sp/mp.
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    Sorry what i wanted mean i have a good friend of mine she is sp/mp but she keep only her regular but she dind't understand why when she not answer some peoples call back thousand of times when they have lot of choices
    Devil Ghost MC Support 81

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    Thanks for advice Jay so call 1 time 2 times no answer don't waste time and whos next
    Devil Ghost MC Support 81

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    Lily from Montreal
    Jay do know best reply means no interest but sometime it can also depends how you ask...

    When I get email from someone I never heard of and it just says:''u available?'' does not warrant a reply...of course it depends of the kind of lady you write to...But a nice hello and a bit of description of what you are looking for is the way to go, adding a compliment is a nice touch too...

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