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Thread: Coderre wants to eliminate Erotic Massages in Montreal.

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    Coderre wants to eliminate Erotic Massages in Montreal.

    There is an article in La Presse this morning saying that Coderre wants to eliminate the 260 erotic massage parlours in Montreal.

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    That's not good news at all...

    New mayor Denis Coderre says he wants to erradicate massage parlors.

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    I agree this is bad news... but hey... maybe it will give us more outcall options ? let's wait and see.

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    IT is another manner to distract the people.Why instead he don't care about the collusion and the corruption inside his own admistration.

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    Prices are going to go way up!!!!

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    This is an attempt to get the housewife vote. Purely a political move.

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    Damn... the massotherapists are supporting Coderre. Just watched the Mario Dumont show on LCN.

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    They scream exploitation of the underaged but it less than 1%. What about all the single moms working to make living? Its pretty ridiculous!

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    After working for two years in this industry, I have to admit that I've never met anybody who was exploited or even underage. They try to make it sound like the majority of the women who does this type of work are helpless but the truth is that only a minority of sex workers correspond to their description.

    And also, from my experience, at least at the places I worked at, the owners avoid hiring girls they suspect are being pimped because it's just too much trouble lol

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    Since the demand is there, I predict the following

    #1- A migration to the north and south shore
    #2- Way more independents (they will need to come up with a new way to make a living)
    #3- An explosion of the craiglist offering
    #4- The VT and Phantopie of this word (that looks legit) will be swamped with horny guys
    #5- Erotic parlor will disguise as regular parlour and will be more subtle
    #6- WAY MORE EXPLOITATION as girls will be more easily pimped by guys organizing their business (because the salon will no longer exist)

    I agree on one thing : the salon should be more discreet. It is the lack of discretion that attracts people with political agenda. Sexploitation and salon are an easy target (back to the Pax Plante area of the red light district in Montreal) to make a first strong impression.

    This is definitely an attempt to get away from corruption fighting.

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    Thank god this asshole didn't get a majority

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    HornyChick a plus que 100% raison.
    C'est TOUJOURS pour sauver des mineurs exploités alors que depuis 15 ans que je suis client occasionnel,je n'ai jamais fait affaire avec une femme en bas de 25 ans,...jamais!!!!
    D'ailleurs je serais POUR une loi qui interdirait la pratique de la prostitution avant 25 ans.
    Je pense que ca prend un minimum de vécu et de vrai réflexion pour pouvoir s'investir dans ce genre de métier.Il faut pouvoir le faire absolument sans pression quelles qu'elles soient.
    Mais apres ca ,qu'on laisse le monde tranquille!!
    D'accord aussi avec Freeman:La demande est la...
    Je suis 100% contre l'exploitation des mineur(e)s.Je suis 100% contre l'exploitation d'immigrant(e)s...Je suis 100% contre quelque pimp que ce soit.
    Mais en dehors de ca ,laissez le monde tranquille!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I think it is something that will happen, he announces he will eliminate erotic massage parlors even before he announces his cabinet members.

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    In light of organized crime behind many of the massage parlours, his announcement-intention is considered a threat to millions of dollars of profits enjoyed by the underground.
    I do not think the mafia is just going to shut up and take it......jmo

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    j'pense que s'attaquer au finance publique est beaucoup plus important que ce que le contribuable fait avec son argent. oui, on finance p-e le underground mais reste que c'est notre argent. c'est pas comme les politiciens qui s'offrent de beaux gros contrats au frais des contribuables

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