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Thread: Free Taxi Service in Montreal with Newly Launched UBER Service Until November 23rd

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    Thumbs up Free Taxi Service in Montreal with Newly Launched UBER Service Until November 23rd

    Just wanted to let everyone know that you can get $70 in free taxi service in Montreal using the newly launched UBER service which is basically an app that calls taxis for you and makes the experience a whole lot nicer. In other cities you can even choose a limousine, Suburban, or town car, or just a normal taxi. In Montreal it's just the taxi service so far but the taxis are much nicer and their system is more efficient. Check it out, use coupon code uberballing to get the free credit.

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    Seriously dude...
    Your link forwards us to a site and without explanation asks for personal info and CREDIT CARD INFO .
    That's, for a lack of a better word, extremely sketchy.

    Whoever is the site owner might want to rethink and redesign his site. First, what kind of service is offered and at what what rates. And much much more info.
    I'm not accusing the site owners of any fraudulent activities, but the way it's setup, it looks like a credit card phishing site.

    Oh ya, almost forgot. The fine print at the bottom of the page : " Standard Message and Data Rates May Apply. Reply HELP to 827-222 for help. Reply STOP to 827-222 to stop texts. "
    What's that all about ? Am I gonna get spammed with texts ? Am I gonna be billed for unwanted to text messages..

    Nothing is really clear.

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    It is a legitimate site and there is nothing to worry about. If you go to instead of the link posted, you will see that everything is fine. The poster simply linked directly to the join page.


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