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Thread: Recruitment!!! @ XO

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    Recruitment!!! @ XO

    Tired of Working a Dead End Job?
    You may discover that you find your job to be unfulfilling and need a change of pace. This is a very common reason why a lot of women enter into the adult entertainment industry. Becoming an escort is essentially starting your own business because you need to be self motivated to achieve success. The major benefits include proper compensation for your work opposed to receiving a small paycheck and being your own boss by setting your own rules and schedule.

    Want to Make Outrageous Amounts of Money?
    Escorts who apply themselves generally make outrageous amounts of money in a short period of time. The majority of the income is cash on a daily basis and possibly more in the form of a check from an agency or credit card processor. The level of success reached by an escort is all dependent on proper marketing and quality of service. Generally an escort can expect to make between $50,000-$250,000 a year provided that she had a business plan and stuck to it.

    Travel Around the World.
    Becoming an escort allows women to travel throughout the world often at no expense . If an escort markets herself as an international escort and lists travel fees in her advertisements, upscale gentlemen will generally accept these terms. Another method is to subsidize your travel expenses by visiting areas that offer increased business or higher rates for your services.

    Meet Interesting New People.
    As an escort you can expect to meet people from all walks of life. This may include doctors, lawyers and judges down to producers, directors, professional sports players, actors and music artists. You would be surprised at the amount of successful people who don't have the time or interests in being in a long term serious relationship. For these reasons they prefer to hire escorts, this translates to you profiting big while having a great time.

    Explore Your Sexuality.
    Ever wanted to explore your sexuality? Have you ever been curious about things you read or heard about such as bdsm, dominatrix, fetishes and role playing? What better way to explore these fantasies than becoming an escort and why not get paid in the process.

    As mentioned earlier in this article the deciding factors of success for an escort are marketing and quality of service. In order for an escort to be contacted by clients she needs to expose herself in the form of advertising. Without advertising potential clients won't know you exist and definitely wouldn't be contacting you. After your advertising is in place and you begin to receive work, your next focus should be quality of service. Your goal should be to build a list of repeat customers so that you have a steady stream of income.

    Call XO
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    For the fun & the thrill


    514 616 7800
    Dan & June

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