We work with escorts who are friendly, loyal, charismatic, adventurous, charming, elegant, intelligent, beautiful, trustworthy, and confident. They are somewhere between 18 and 40 based in our beautiful city. They have a healthy drug-free attitude to life in general.

We don't have any specific physical requirements because we believe that you're inside shows on the outside. We do ask that your body is in proportion and that you have a beautiful and friendly face. You should be a "girly girl" with a twinkle in your eyes a radiant smile and a feminine look.

More mature ladies (30 years and older) are subject to stricter requirements in addition to our standard requirements we expect more mature escort to have the ability to converse on university level, radiate style and sophistication and excel in beauty compared to others of your age.

If we are just as positive about you as you are about us we will invite you for an introduction interview so we can get to know each other.

For the pleasure & the thrill