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Thread: Curvy Escort looking for an agency

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    Question Curvy Escort looking for an agency

    Hey Guys,
    I was thinking about getting back in the business. I used to work with Topmtlescort, I really liked the owner, a really nice guy, but looking at the website and the pictures, it seems less professionnal, dont know what happen, dont know if it's still the same owner... So I was wondering if you would know an another agency who would hire a chubby, curvy, bbw lady.

    By BBW I mean

    Any ideas or suggestions, guidances.
    Thank You

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    Any thoughts to just going indepedant and "cutting out the middleman"?

    Based on your pictures, I'd definately be interested.

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    Yes, I was thinking about it. But there's a few 'problems'. Right now I don't have money to invested in a Incall rent. And I wouldn't feel safe to go by myself to a client place. Only hotel-motel could be considered for first timer clients and I think it might be a dealbreaker for some.

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    Thank, I already try Mylie and I hated my experience. They are taking a way too high percentage and you feel obligated to accept every clients at anytime even if your shift is over and you have other plans. I wouldn't recommend it to any girls. I'll check for Plaisirs Rebels, thank!

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    Lily from Montreal
    You are right it is a deal breaker for some but the reason I go that route is the safety factor as a indy...

    A agency girl has the driver as a back up while a real indy doesn't, I rather miss meeting some great guys because they want to stay home then takes chances and go to a private house I should not have...

    Or you can consider talking to the OurAffair girls, they advertized here, it is a group of indies sharing the cost of the incall location...Good luck,if you are disciplined enough the indy choice is the best...
    pm if you would like some pointers...

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    Have you tried Sexy Indies?

    I don't know anything about them as a business but the girls I have met with them seem to be very laid back & nice and seem to set their own hours.

    But I could be entirely wrong about that.

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    Lily from Montreal
    Sexyindies is in between classic agencies and indies...the tranny of the hobby market product lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilyForYou View Post
    Sexyindies is in between classic agencies and indies...the tranny of the hobby market product lol
    So is that a good thing or a bad thing?

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    Lily from Montreal
    It depends if you mind that the girls are pimped but no it is not a bad thing, not every girl can handle every aspects of the hobby so it is good for them that there is agencies ...

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    Go Indy babe
    Stay thirsty my friends

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    Thank you to all of you for your suggestions. I really appreciate.
    I have finally decided to go Indy, soon I'll be authorized I will post my adds and my website.

    Mention spéciale à Lilyforyou et Mike4u qui m'ont grandement encouragé et donné de sages conseils.

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    Lily from Montreal
    Anytime ma belle! Have fun! xxxxxxxxxxx

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