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Thread: Funny or embarrassing?

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    Lily from Montreal

    Funny or embarrassing?

    I thought it was funny, my friend thought it was embarrassing, what do you think?

    I was meeting a new friend at the QE...from 2 to 4h...I love the QE,especially the 18-19 floors with it exclusive elevator and receptionist...

    So I arrived in the lobby at 13h45 and I got a email from my friend to go to the concierge and ask for a package for ''Lily Royale''...
    Ok..., this is the first time i have to do a thing like this,felt nice, I signed for my little bag, inside there is a box of chocolate,mmm, a key and a note saying to come right 19XX...Oups!

    You see I have my favorite I see there so much that the staff knows me but thinks I am his wife ...

    I went up using the peasant elevator hoping my friend the receptionist would not see me...I turned left and heard ''HEY!''...and here he is from 10 ft away smiling and waiving at me! Loll I waived back and I am sure he checked in what room M.XYZ was loll

    I always wondered how they would react if he was to take his wife to QE? Would they act like they didn't just saw him the other week but with a petite brunette ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilyForYou View Post
    I thought it was funny, my friend thought it was embarrassing, what do you think?
    Hello Lily,

    There have been some ladies I have met out in the open hotel lobby just before going up to the room. Sometimes we kiss, sometimes we have just plain made out for a short time in full view of staff and clients. The answer: for me it`s a lot of FUN, and it gives me a very warm real feeling that I`m not just this client moneybag on the clock spending on a escort/companion with a standard acting performance.



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    Lily from Montreal
    I agree, I once left the room with my friend of the day ,at QE now that I think of it lol, and as I do without thinking when I am with a male friend I hooked my arm with his, then I stopped and asked if it was ok in case we met someone he knew while we cross the lobby, and what they would think,he laughed and just said that if he was to meet someone they would just think he is lucky loll
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