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Thread: The Hottest Movie Strip Scene Place your Votes

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    The Hottest Movie Strip Scene Place your Votes

    My vote goes to Kim Basinger

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    Demi Moore in striptease
    Stay thirsty my friends

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    Some people are easily pleased. Or they've never seen a sexy strip tease in their life!

    Salma Hayek in From Dusk till Dawn

    Jessica Beil in Powder Blue

    Natalie Portman Closer

    Anyone in Dancing at the Blue Iguana

    Mia Kirschner in Exotica

    Anything but the two most cliché strip scenes in movie history.
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    Rose McGowan in Planet Terror

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    I've always had a huge crush on Mena Suvari

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    Jessica Alba in Sin City. Jessica Alba in studded bare-ass chaps with bullets makes me INFUCKINGSANE!!! (My Winner)

    Rebecca Romijn, dance scene. Femme Fatale.

    Jamie Lee Curtis Full Strip Tease - True Lies

    Roadhouse Strip Scene

    This may get a rise out of you Techman.

    Not from a movie but check this just for kicks at 3:00.


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