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Thread: Molson Indy Montreal

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    Molson Indy Montreal

    I am going to be in Montreal the weekend of August 26th. I am not coming to town to see the race, but my concern is how busy the city will be during that weekend, specifically in regards to SP's. I have heard that during the F1 race, they work their "butts" off. I do not think as many people come to Montreal for this event, but I am concerned about how difficult it may be to see some of the more highly sought after HDH's? Hotel rates seem about normal, so that may be a good sign. Thanks for you help and information.


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    I wouldn't worry too much about the Molson Indy. No offense meant but the event pales in comparison to the F1. I doubt it will have much influence on how busy SP's are and finding hotel rooms should not be a problem.

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