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Thread: The Official GFE of the Year for 2013 - Nomination thread

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    The Official GFE of the Year for 2013 - Nomination thread

    It's that time of year again. The nominations are open for one week until the end of the day January 9, 2014. The poll will be very soon after once all eligible members have been verified.

    Please note:

    1. Only girls who were working actively at the end of 2013 are eligible.

    2. Only members who have registered on MERB by December 31st, 2013, or any date before, are eligible to nominate or vote in the poll.

    3. A member must have posted at least one review during 2013.

    4. You may nominate up to three girls, indy or agency.

    5. Make sure that you spent time with the girls you nominate during 2013.

    6. No owner or anyone who worked at an agency or acted as a de-facto agent of an agency can nominate or vote.

    *It will be appreciated if the mods or members help in identifying ineligible voters during or after the nomination process.
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    Hello all,

    1. Lizbeth of Wildtime Escorts (formerly Vivienne of MSC / Jenna of MTLGFE)

    2. Marilyn Minx of Wildtime Escorts (formerly of MTLGFE)

    3. Tabatha of Angel Escorts.



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    Gabrielle Satin Dreamz

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    1. Mya(Delight)

    2. Gabrielle(Satin Dreamz)

    3. Kaila(GoodGirls)

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    1. Mya....Delight

    2. Hannah...GG

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    Pretty hard to choose, 2013 was a really great year for Talent

    1. Mya from Delight
    2. Hannah from GG
    3. Daisy from Delight

    Chloe / Laura would have been in there ;-), not sure she is active.

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    My vote goes to Amelie of wildtimes.
    If I look back over the last year I'd have to say that is has been a great pleasure to have met this fun, intelligent, sexy (nymphomaniac) treasure. There is honestly no one to compare her with in my last year of hobbying.
    Each encounter was special, and developed new levels of sexuality and sensuality.
    Wishing her well in her endeavors to co-create a great new agency as well.
    Here's to the year of la fabuleuse monde et destin d'Amélie.

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    I guess I'll toss mine in here. First, I agree absolutely with Mr. Black, especially with the word "treasure," what a treasure she is.

    So: Amelie of WildTime, Shana of WildTime, and Marilyn Minx of, gasp, WildTime as well. A vote would go to Ana of MTLGFE, but my sense is that she's out of the business as it's been more than a month since she's worked.
    The mounties always get their man.

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    2013 was an amazing year. So many hot girls came on the scene this past year and I hope that 2014 is even better.

    3 girls that definitely were above the rest they are:

    1- Daisy from delights
    2- Mykeala (she was with Ivan when I saw her)
    3- Chloee from delights

    Honarable mention to Hannah GG and Mylene delights

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    My votes goes to

    Gabrielle of Satin Dreamz
    Alysson of MSC
    Christina of MSC
    Do it for pleasure, do it for exaltation, do it

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    Daryn Eleganza

    Allyson Montreal Sex City

    Kate Good Girls

    Best Regards

    Savoir Faire Is Everywhere !!!

    Trying one day to be " In the Know "

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    1- Jenni @ Diamondz (Pretty, best body, best natural tits, best overall service)
    2- Sky @ MTLTOPGIRLS (aka Jade @Lou's) (Most Sensual)
    3- Chloe @ GoodGirls (Simply Amazing young new prospect)

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    In 2013, I barely tipped my toe in the pool variety wise, but it was a year with great surprises.

    Nominations for best GFE of 2013

    1. Amélie of WildTime hands way down. This disarmingly cute and ultra bright young lady offers an experience one cannot expect or demand, only receive gratefully. The likes of her only come around once in a blue moon, and she is barely getting started.
    2. Alicia of MTLGFE for her classic beauty, seductiveness, thoughtful, tender and sensual ways.
    3. Lisbeth of WildTime (met as Vivienne of Montreal Sex City). Beautiful lady, and a lover of sex with zero inhibitions. Shivers run down my spine in recollection.

    I would have nominated Aliyah again this year (), we had great meetings early in 2013, but she has now left escorting behind.

    Honourable mentions to Kira, Darla and Zoey of MLTGFE

    And Happy 2014 to all
    Une vie sans folie, c'est une vie sans goût / Life without craziness, is life without taste

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    Nominations, no particular order

    1 - Kate @ Good Girls
    2 - Gabrielle @ Satin Dreamz

    I would have nominated Katrina @ GG but she left at the end of the year, so I guess she doesn't qualify. She however deserves a very honorable mention.

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    1. Katrina of GG
    2. Alicia of MGFE
    3. Kate GG

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