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Thread: WildTime +Merb Valentine's PARTY Feb 7th 2014 - list of attending girls added

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    Talking WildTime +Merb Valentine's PARTY Feb 7th 2014 - list of attending girls added

    You read right folks!

    You've been asking for it, we've been listening, and now it's time to take action and throw our first official party !

    for Valentines Day!

    the people have spoken, Party will be on friday the 7th, from 7pm to the wee hours

    We started out by joining you at the MERB GTs, so we wouldn't want to suddenly privatize the whole thing, so everyone is welcome, poster, reviewer, lurkers, indies, agency girls and agency owners, the more the merrier!

    2 major rules here

    1 - You MUST confirm your attendance by PM before FEBRUARY 1ST

    2 - No fighting, no arguing, no finger pointing, no nothing that isn't in the spirit of good fun, or else you are OUT!
    (Our drivers will be there to make sure of this )

    Suggestions for a large restaurant that serves drinks, preferably with parking and private rooms would be greatly appreciated
    Since we don't know in advance how many people are coming, or even where it will be, guests will be ordering from the menu and paying for their own food and drinks.
    We will be offering at least a round of drinks, and some door prizes, and as many of our ladies as possible will attend.

    The location of the party will only be shared by pm or email with the people who have confirmed.

    Hope to see you all there and lets have a night to remember!


    ADDENDUM: Here is a list of the ladies who have announced their presence, which will be updated as more RSVP.

    Amelie @ WildTime (duh )
    Jordan @ WildTime
    Shana @ WildTime
    Allyson@ WildTime

    (probably more of our ladies, who have yet to confirm )

    Independant ladies gracing us with their presence:

    Sidney Laflamme

    More have confirmed but waiting for them to approve of my announcing their presence!

    Still looking for more resto ideas, think "bar with good food"
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    love gt...really hope it is gonna be a friday night...
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    Have you considered Casa Greque on Prince Arthur? They have a large private upstairs, are centrally located, have a varied inexpensive menu and can serve a large group quickly. Oh, and the food isn't horrible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rumpleforeskiin View Post
    Have you considered Casa Greque on Prince Arthur? They have a large private upstairs, are centrally located, have a varied inexpensive menu and can serve a large group quickly. Oh, and the food isn't horrible.
    Ah ha,

    Every night (except maybe 4) that I have been in Montreal since 2003 I have been at La Casa Greque. Apportez votre vin. Right at the northern end of the rue Prince Arthur promenade that runs from St. Laurent to Parc St. Louis. No cars are allowed along its length, but crossings are allowed at a few points across the street, yet any traffic tends to be rare.

    The food is relatively inexpensive and reliably good, though the menu is only moderately varied based on basic combinations of beef, chicken, fish (salmon, shrimp, calmar, various filets). There are some very nice appetizers and deserts. About 3-4 years ago servings were ample, but they have noticeably shrunk to keep prices steady. The menu is definitely not up to the gourmet taste, but it's satisfying...if you are not a snobby nitpicker.

    On weekends from spring to fall this place fills up often with numerous large party reservations often at the same time, so it can definitely handle a large crowd. Upstairs is probably best if you reserve the whole area, otherwise it could be an interesting night with clients, escorts and families close together. There is no bar, though there's a depanneur right across the street.

    There's also a Metro stop at St. Denis just 2-3 blocks west the restaurant on the other side of Parc St. Loius. .

    I like it, and I've been there so much the waiters know exactly where to seat me and and how to pace service, but I'm not sure it suits an escort GT. It's extremely busy on summer weekends.



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    plz clear mailbox cannot send pm... thx

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    Quote Originally Posted by eisfire View Post
    plz clear mailbox cannot send pm... thx
    Done! sorry about that
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    Party will be on the 7th, and a short list of attending girls has been posted above and will be updated
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    More indies confirmed their attendance, and quite a few merbites already, it's going to be quite the party folks
    our new booker will be there as well
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    I've never been to a GT but I've been tempted over the years despite my privacy issues. WT is a first class agency with great gals so I was ready to leave my cave for this one,lol. Unfortunately, I will be out of town that Friday so I'll have to miss this GT. Have a great time all and I look forward to hearing about it upon my return.

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    Is there any update on if, where and when this will occur? Been awhile since there's been any talk at all of it.
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    hi guys,

    I will be taking care of this, need to finalize a few things and final details will be sent out before monday EOD

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    Hello everyone

    OK so I finally reserved a location for the party, I`m quite sorry for the lateness, I`ve been on vacation, and quite busy


    reservation has been made at a cozy place, not too far from downtown, with a parking lot, and in a private room!
    the cost of dinner (including 3 choices of appetizers, entrees, dessert, coffee or tea) will be 38$ per person, and you are free to order your own alcohol!

    I will personally be handing out tickets for a draw at the end of the evening which grand prize will be a FREE 1 hour date with me (or 220$ off a longer affair )!

    I ask that you all please confirm your attendance BY MONDAY FEB 3RD
    To do so, PLEASE EMAIL ME at with the subject ``PARTY``

    only those who email me will receive the location of the event which is taking place at 7PM FRIDAY FEBRUARY 7TH!

    hope you see you all there!

    love and kisses

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    Hello everyone

    Party is Friday, there`s limited places, so please make sure I have your confirmation when I wake up tomorrow

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    so no party on v-day for the lonely?

    there's a $2 beer with free poutine party on friday at the same time

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    Free poutine and cheap beer... or an evening with the charming Amelie and her beautiful friends...


    Perhaps an explanation for "the lonely".

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