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Thread: Bianca Beauchamp

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    Bianca Beauchamp

    I found that hottie from Montreal she is fetish model and what a body to die for!!She have some pics on freeone take look guy and what you think if she offered a SP service??
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    No idea who you are talking about, need more info.

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    She is model from Montreal and i wanted know if someone know if she offered sp services
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    Been modeling for years... never heard of SP, saw some caps of a BJ vids but never was able to see either the vid or a preview... she like to tease, but one of those NUDE MODEL ONLY. If she would do SP... DAMN i would be interested.
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    Comme tu dis Mike damnnn je crois qu'on est pas les deux seuls qui voudrait profiter d'un service sp par cette beauté elle est solide en tabar..
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