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Thread: Jamal Lewis' return delayed a week

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    Jamal Lewis' return delayed a week

    Am I the only one that finds it completly ridiculous that Jamal Lewis will be playing football (and Ron Artest will be playing basketball) before Todd Bertuzzi is allowed to play hockey again?

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    No your not the only one.

    Jamal Lewis should be banned for life as he is another example of a multi millionaire athlete who has no need for the money but traffics narcotics and launders money for his friends who are drug trafficers. He is a scumbag with no regard for human life other than himself and his drug peddling buddies. How many children have their lives destroyed every year by the drugs he and people like him sell? Does anyone think he cares?

    Artest is another situation altogether. He did something wrong but did it out of reaction to having someone throw something at him during a very stressful altercation in which he got shoved in the face by Ben Wallace which couldn't have felt very good. In the heat of the moment many people lose their better judgement and react without thinking. He deserved his season suspension but not a lifetime ban.

    Bertuzzi is yet again a different situation. He premeditated his abhorrent act of violence and used a weapon to committ it. He needs to be psychologically evaluated before he should ever be allowed to play again. People who think like that have a screw loose upstairs IMO. If he is deemed to be sane and truly remorseful by a psychiatrist then he should be allowed to return to the ice after serving a severe penalty and with the understanding that any such repeat action will result in a lifetime ban. Its a sport not a fight to the death.

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    OK HonestAbe,

    Lets think about this for a minute, I agree with you on Jamal. This guy is a criminal, he commits crimes not for need or necessity but for the simple enjoyment of committing a crime.

    Ron Artest on the other hand is a menace, he completly lost control of himself putting everyone near him at risk. I mean someone threw a plastic cup of beer on him and he went nuts (while he was lying on the scorers table like a prima donna) he attacked a fan!

    Now Todd Bertuzzi - What he did was wrong, very bad, terrible BUT fairly common, the truly sad and unfortunate part is the injury that resulted and not solely in the act committed. Look at it this way, Moores hit on Naslund could have very easily resulted in an injury of the same severity - Does only the injury incurred determine the need for "psychological evaluation" ? Todd Bertuzzi used no weapon.

    Like it or not fighting is an accepted aspect of hockey, Drug dealing is not accepted by anyone, and your never allowed in any league to hit a fan.

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    Red face

    Hi spin,

    I apologize for my incorrect recollection of the Bertuzzi incident. It has me a bit red faced to say the least. I did see the highlights and I think with hockey being gone for so long I must have confused it with the Mcsorley/Brashear incident because of the similarities of both men hitting a guy from behind trying to provoke a fight. Violence gets me really upset and I tend to become emotionally involved in debates over the dangers of permissive environments which foster a brutal mentality amongst athletes or any other group of people for that matter. The NHL IMO does foster a brutal mentality and I think it keeps some people from appreciating it more than they do as well as keeping their kids from playing it.

    That being said, I can see why you would think the penalty is harsh because it does seem as though the severity of the injury is the primary factor behind it rather than the inherent danger of a fistfight which as you said and I agree is an accepted part of hockey. If the player he hit would have walked away without injury I agree that there probably would have been a much lighter penalty. The fact that he sucker punched him from behind I think is bullshit though and he does deserve some punishment, its definitely debatable as to whether it should be a whole season.

    PS. Thank you Techman as well for correcting me.
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    Actually Bertuzzi punched him in the back of the head and then fell or jumped on his back when he was down. He did not use his stick. That said, I feel that he should be suspended for this season as well due to the simple fact that there was no season last year.

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