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Thread: Tipping Strippers

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    Tipping Strippers

    I was just wondering what the standard for tipping stripper is? I know I always give something, never less then 10 bucks though. Sometimes I will give 20(for 4-6 songs) or 30(for 10 songs or so) . Am I being a sap and ruining it for everyone else who don't tip or on the other hand am I not tipping enough for the amount of time I spend with the dancer.. I'm not sure if Carla or Magda would feel comfortable commenting on this, but their opinions would be appreciated

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    PS Mod's if you feel this is too similar to the Tipping SP's thread please feel free to merge the two, although I wanted the people who go to the Clubs but not to SP's to see this so I could get there comments as well.. Thanks for your time.
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    If you really like to tip us 10 or 20 is more than enough. 30 is redundant regardless of the amount of songs! Again tipping is not necessary..


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