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    Simple Service SP

    I must be starting the get old but all I want these days is just a girl that gives me simple service.

    She just has to look good, offer some lfk/dfk, daty, and just lie there and look good so I can explore their bodies.

    All I've been getting lately is girls that are too interactive, can't stay still for more that a couple minutes and just want to get a pounding.

    This might go against the grain here but I am being serious!!!
    "Just When I Thought I Was Out.....They Pull Me Back In!!!"

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    Don, I find it a challenge to keep up sometimes, too., but I sure do enjoy trying. Perhaps they sense you need the exercise and are trying to get you back into shape. I can only chase them around the room for a minute or two, so I know what you mean.
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    Don , I am truly with you on this one too , wish it was it so simple again , instead of all this disappointing acts we go through
    About 10 years ago used to PU a bottle of wine , spend a couple of hours had a great time, easy going , relaxed , and life was beautifull
    Maybe getting to old ....

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    Many guys wants a bing bang in the corner so girls tend to get use to it and try to give it thinking it's the best way to satisfy guys. Why don't you just tell them what you want up front? Most of them will be more than happy to fulfill your needs.

    Tell them what you want guys, tell them...

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