I’ve been regularly monitoring more than a dozen Escort Review Board and Ad Site Forums over the last year.

From what I’ve seen, Fred’s boards are some of the ‘cleanest’ ones in the country.

Blatant criminal activity is common on many forums, and we here at merb are lucky to have this community of responsible members. I have seen this behaviour on forums in BC, AB, ONT and QUE, so no one board has the corner on corruption.

Here are some examples of Cybercrime I’ve observed across the country (not on merb) within the last few months:

  • Live video feed posted by a stalker/troll patrolling the streets outside a M&G event. He was waiting to film SP’s and board members attending so he could ‘out’ them.
  • Personal info and pics of half a dozen members of one Forum outed within a couple of days.
  • Board members whose personal information is outed regularly on 5 or 6 forums on a rotating basis.
  • Corrupt Admins hacking into banned members accounts to post and send PM’s while posing as them.
  • Corrupt Admins editing members posts to manipulate situations to their own advantage.
  • SP’s reputations trashed by false malicious gossip on competing boards.
  • SP’s forced to quit advertising and posting on certain forums due to harassment and being outed.
  • Reviewers forced to disappear from the boards due to harassment and being outed.
  • Board members taunted to kill themselves and given instructions on how to do it.
  • Board members threatening to shoot/beat up/kill other board members.
  • Drug dealing in chat rooms.
  • Marriages put in jeopardy and careers put at risk.
  • SP’s forced to move from safe working environments due to being outed to their neighbours by corrupt board members.
  • Board members being told to show up in person for a beat down or be outed.
  • Corrupt Admins threatening to out board members who won’t out other Admins. (Extortion Legal Definition: Forcing a person to give up property through the use of violence, fear or under pretense of authority.)
  • SP’s revealing confidential client info to other SP’s and reviewers who abuse the information.
  • Reviewers sharing confidential SP info to other SP’s and reviewers who abuse the information.
  • SP’s pics and ads being stolen.
  • Admins outing their own members.

Most of this is done in plain site on public forums, and often most of the evidence remains posted.

Is this the image we want to portray to lawmakers and the media??

What can you do when you see these things happening?

  • Report problematic posts to the Mods by using the ‘Report Post’ feature available on most forums.
  • PM or email the Admin immediately and ask to have posts edited or deleted.
  • Contact the person being outed/defamed/harassed so they can take action if needed.
  • Contact the person committing the crime and ask them to stop. (when safe to do so)
  • Report serious crimes anonymously to Crimestoppers or the local Police Service.
  • Speak up about what you see happening, send links to Legal Resources and help educate the Industry.