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Thread: Happy Birthday Amelie

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    Happy Birthday Amelie

    May you have a joyous number 26. Can't wait to celebrate it with you, even if not on the day.

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    thank you

    party tiiime!

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    Happy Birthday Amelie! Enjoy.
    Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction) English, motherfu*ker, do you speak it?

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    Hey Red! Happy birthday from an ardent admirer. Hope your day is fabulous!

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    Have a great birthday, you are very special to many of us in hobbyland. Looking forward to catching up with you in March.

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    Happy Birthday Amelie
    Enjoy and have a great one sweetie

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    Bonne fête Amélie!!

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    Happy Birthday!

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    Here is hoping a merry crowd will whisk you away to a really cool party location tonight, and that it will be a night to remember. We will also forgive you if you forget some of it...

    If you're going to be bad, do it good!

    Happy birthday dear, you deserve the best because you are! Hugs
    Une vie sans folie, c'est une vie sans goût / Life without craziness, is life without taste

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    My god you guys are the sweetest!

    I'm full of sweets and ready for more birthday shenanigans!
    Super big hugs!

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    Happy Bday Amelie, Hope it was a special one. xo

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    Happy birthday Amelie

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    Happy Birthday Amelie

    Souhaitant pour vous beaucoup de plaisir, de bonheur, et beaucoup de succès.

    Tous les meilleurs,


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    Happy birthday you lovely lady
    May your rising star always burn bright.

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