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Thread: Incall or Hotel? (Police Raids)

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    Incall or Hotel? (Police Raids)

    Hi all, I've been lurking on this forum for a while and this is my first post.

    While the famous prostitution laws have been invalidated by the supreme court, visiting a bawdy house is still technically illegal until a new law gets drafted. In light of that, is it dangerous to have an incall at the condos in the St Jacques/de la Montagne area? What would be the chance of a police raid on an independent or escort agency incall? New Brunswick and Ontario have apparently stopped prosecuting the laws but quebec is apparently enforcing them on a case by case basis.

    As well, what are the chances of getting caught? The article states that 140 cases are still being prosecuted in this province alone. Due to the uncertainty, I'm thinking of just booking a hotel room for my next visit.

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    If you want to be absolutely certain, a hotel room is absolutely legal. But with independent or agency incall, the risk is almost null. The police are not bothering with that unless they are involved with other illegal activities or if someone files a complaint. In the present condition, I think incall escorts are very safe, and just as safe as before. So I would do whatever you feel more comfortable with.
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