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Thread: GG3...the best damn GT ever!!

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    GG3...the best damn GT ever!!

    What a great GT.
    Huge turnout of guys and 20 lovely ladies.
    Thanks to Mike, James, Iggy, Joe.t, and everyone else who helped organize this event... especially the Good Girls.
    It was great to see old friends and make new ones.
    Special thanks to the loverly Jasmine for giving me an intimate tour of one of the hotel rooms.
    On a future post I will list my top 5 women at the party starting with the breath takingly gorgeous Ginger.

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    Holy shit...after last GT, I thought nothing could top it (especially after Hanna and Valentina left). Boy was I wrong!

    In comes in Alexis, Hazel, Ginger, Chloe and a bunch of other hotties! And as if that isn't enough, near the end of the night, in walks Chanel: wtf, MIND BLOWN!

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    great time chatting with the ladies from both GG and also some surprise indys as well. thank you mike & all those that volunteered to make this event a great success!

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    Guys, guys guys! What can I Say?.......... nothing right now except MERCI BEAUCOUP! Thank you ALL for coming and we will talk about this for weeks to come! ....... i will elaborate tomorrow as i am sure many of you will as well.......... MERCI for coming guys and an EXTRA MERCI BEAUCOUP to ALL the GOODGIRLS for showing up! (extra special thanks to Kaila for all her help to set up the decorations and for getting the cakes that i wanted!, Kaila. you are a gem and we all love you!)

    Mike, you are a great host and the way you treated your ladies with the utmost respect goes a LONG way with everyone at the Party! You truly showed what you are made of tonight and we appreciate everything you stand for....... you are truly appreciated Mon Ami and i thank you for doing what you do....... your work, your dedication is truly appreciated in this business...... Merci!

    VIP-9 Fall 2016 but first XO-1 The Loft Party!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike4u View Post
    can't wait to organize next one in july to celebrate
    canada and us day
    4th of July !!!!

    My trip is already booked

    Great to hear that the party was a great success
    I am sure Reverdy had the Pedialyte ready ?

    Best Regards

    Savoir Faire Is Everywhere !!!

    Trying one day to be " In the Know "

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    GG3 is my first party, oh boy, am I impressed!

    First of all, I think Iggy (or Mike or James) picked a great location, very convenient to get to. The bar's service is good, food is good, drinks are good and the price is very affordable.

    I'm at the party alone, and I didn't know anybody going in. It was nice to be greeted by Iggy at the entrance, and right there I could see a friendly person and an efficient party planner. Then I got to meet Mike, who's also friendly and having this energetic cowboy style. James also impressed me as the calm, cool businessman. It was my first time meeting you guys, but I'm already convinced that Mike and James make a hell of a duo for running GG. And then plus Iggy, this trio really created a great party.

    It was also very nice to talk to some of the guys around, all of you are friendly and interesting people.

    Now the girls. The best thing of the party is you really see the girls instead of just some pictures, and thanks for Mike for introducing them one-by-one to us. At the beginning I stood aside for a while and was enjoying the little fun game trying to guess who each girl is. Then I talked to some of the girls and had a really good time.
    Kaila: spotted you at the entrance when I first came, thanks a lot for the cake!
    Balla: what a petit angel and vivid smile!
    Ginger: a gem with a killer body, do I need to say more?
    Kate: now I fully understand why you were picked as the GFE of 2013, oh, and nice new tatoo!
    Alexis: exotic face added to a perfect body. Also, you and Kate looked like twins to me, especially that you two happened to wear similar outfits
    Megan: what a gorgeous lady, and for some reason, I knew it was her the minute she walked in. Last but now least, the sweetest girl I've talked to!

    I think this party is great on so many levels, and therefore a big thanks to Mike and James and Iggy. Very nice to talk to the guys, and even nicer to meet and talk to the girls. Can't wait for GG4, especially for Mike's idea of a beach party lasting an entire weekend. Again, thanks a lot!

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    Doh!!! How the hell did I miss this?!

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    Great event, met some nice guy there but it was hard for me to see so much beauty all around lol.

    Ma petite Melia on remet ça sous peu, je t'adore!
    Chanel and Ginger: I should have brought my sunglasses.

    Thanks Lgn and James!
    Merci Mike ... amuse-toi bien !!!

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    What an amazing party. Thanks to everyone who organized this! I was actually one of the raffle winners but gave my winning ticket to my friend because I had way too much to drink. It's too bad I did not know that I was going to win before heavily imbibing.

    Special thanks to all the ladies who came, Mike, James, Iggy, and the doormen Reverdy/JoeT for sacrificing some of their evening for the betterment of their fellow men.

    By the ways I was at GG1 and GG2 as well as GG3 and each of these events have progressively gotten bigger and better. I was skeptical about the venue when Iggy first told me about it, but the setup was perfect. Definitely for a cold weather GT, this is now the new blueprint.

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    I want to also thanks the guys for the party and for all the beers that you guys got me too, at some point damn i was wasted. lol

    Great to finally meet you Eager, wich i didn't had the chance last time. Great to meet Delta as well, the master of reviews :P. Also glad to see all the familiar faces and meet some new ones. Also thanks to all the people that showed me apreciation and gave me good comments, its really apreciated.

    Now for the girls, well what can i say but WOW the new recruits are georgous, i didn't talk to all of them but it was good meeting the ones i did. Good to see again the ones that i knew. Kaila, the cake was excellent, thank you. Kate, you are still the hottest GG and thats something considering all the georgous girls that where there

    And of course a big thanks to the party organizers, Iggy, Joe, Reverdy and of course Mike & James, wich without them it wouldn't be possible.
    Life is a party ! Death is the Hangover.. 67-46-6

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    I have to ask, it wouldn't be a complete party unless Beav tripped over some furniture, did it happen??? Lol.
    Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction) English, motherfu*ker, do you speak it?

    Typical Yankee fan in the Merb Sports Section!! Bwwaahh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Special K View Post
    I have to ask, it wouldn't be a complete party unless Beav tripped over some furniture, did it happen??? Lol.
    Well, there was cushion all around (Boobs)

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    Great Party!
    All the girls were so hot!

    Big thanks to the organizers and the Hotties. (GG and Indies)

    Last nigth was a good exemple that there are no fake pictures on GG ads.
    I would even say that the girls are way better in person.

    Actually, one of the top one that came in late, Chanel definitely needs new pics.
    This girl is DDG and the pictures in her ad dont do her justice according to me.

    The face of Ginger is off the chart! Ouf!

    Sophie had a great fit dress and she is so thin! What an amazing spinner body!

    Chloe, Hazel, Alexis, Jasmine are true hotties schoolgirls!

    Kaila, Melya, the super cochonne

    Megan, what a superwoman!

    I was impressed by the indies too... And I`ve been able to talk 30 sec with the famous Emma Foster! She gave me her beautiful Business Card that I slept with
    30 sec with Emma was enough to understand her LONG thread with only good reviews...

    I had great fun to chat with my regular friends and with new members.
    Finaly had a chance to talk a bit with the famous Delta123 and he`s a very great and caring person!

    I`m looking forward to GG4.

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    Beav didn`t trip this time but he did almost faint when Mike introduced him to the insanely gorgeous Chanel.
    One great thing about this party was that all the girls mingled with the guys.
    They smiled they laughed they conversed some got tipsy but all had a good time and nobody was left out.
    Once again Mike...Bien fait
    Yo da man !
    BTW the attendance of a couple of hot Indies like Emma and Gabriela was a classy touch to a memorable evening.

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    great night at gg3 first one for me but not the last
    thanks to mike and james and others making sure that everyone was happy.
    unfortunatly didn't get to talk much to you guys maybe next time

    but the girls no problem, hazel what a cutie , with jasmine laughing like hell at the bar
    beautifull sophie megan what a delight lexxi what a gem she is,
    and how can you beat a sincere welcoming hug from kate saying i'm so happy you came
    to all thanks a lot hope to mingle more with you guys next time

    mike and james you are the best

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